Wireless Training

This training program will cover wireless fundamentals & advance technology what radio is, and why we use it for communications. How radio frequencies are in the gigahertz range, used within frequency bands measured in the megahertz wide. Then we will look at the spectrum, I.E. Standardized bands of frequencies. And at last, we will finish off with radio transmission issues, including propagation, penetration, and fading.For mobile communication, we start with basic mobile network concepts and mobility terminology including base stations and transceivers, mobile switches and backhaul, handoffs, and cellular radio concepts. Then we will explain the different spectrum-sharing technologies and their variations: fdma, tdma, cdma, and ofdm, and installed-based technologies gsm, umts, hspa. And after that, we concentrate on lte, lte-advanced, and 5g new radio, including millimeter-wave ultra-broadband and low bitrates for iot devices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Wireless Fundamentals
  • Mobile Communications
  • Fixed Wireless: Wi-Fi