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Transportation is a fundamental requirement of modern life. However the traditional combustion engine is quickly becoming outdated. Petrol or diesel vehicles are highly polluting and are being quickly replaced by fully electric vehicles. Fully electric vehicles (EV) have zero tailpipe emissions and are much better for the environment.

As more Electric Vehicles find their way onto our roads, we will see the supporting infrastructure expand. However, an increasing number of EVs will need more EV charging stations. Electric vehicles require compact EV charging solutions that ensure faster and on-demand charging and robust connectivity to support electric vehicles’ current and future needs. This would mean that there would be a huge scope coming up in the EV charging station sector where a network of charging stations would be needed to be created in residential complexes, mall, petrol pumps and other locations across the entire country.

With a decade long experience in industry automation and electrical domain along with its pan India presence, Uniinfo is in a great position to offer end to end solution in designing, planning, I&C, testing and maintenance of EV stations. Uniinfo plans to work in this sector with all the current major OEM’s and Discoms.

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