Open RAN

The Open RAN concept is about disaggregating the RAN functionality by building networks using a fully programmable software-defined mobile network solution based on open interfaces for– radios, base stations, small cells etc. O-RAN is based on interoperability and involved as an alternative way of building next generation wireless networkwith help ofneutral hardware & Software supporting Multi network operator Frequency and protocols for 2G/3G/4G/5G-NR technologies.

This allows cellular radio networks to operate with hardware and software components from multiple vendors making it a truly open and diverse ecosystem for the operators.

Uniinfo is working with technology leaders for Open RAN to enable cognitive technologies that help telecom operators to redefine the telecommunication networking model with the help of technical experts and research teams, who are capable to implement O-RAN systems on the existing networks. Uniinfo has a capable workforce to carry out testing as well as field deployment of 5G O-Ran hardware and software.

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