5G Revolution – Is India Ready For 5G Services?

5G is the latest generation of cellular mobile communications. It flourished the 4G (LTE-A, WiMax), 3G (UMTS, LTE) and 2G (GSM) systems. Like the earlier generations, the 5G network is a digital cellular network that provides a high level of performance with an increased data rate of about 1Gbps and fulfills the demands of massive connections, high spectrum efficiency, high capacity, and low latency.

What is 5G?

5G is a wireless communication technology using radio waves or radio frequency spectrum to transmit and receive data. It is the next-generation cellular networks technology build on the foundation created by 4G LTE which promises to elevate the speed of the wireless networks.

Features of 5G:

Large Bandwidth: To meet the capacity needs, 5G has increased bandwidth, which allow users to go faster without crowding out other users. Due to this, people will be able to browse the web, download files, and watch videos at blistering speed without any buffering.

Low Network Latency: Network latency is the time it takes to pass a message from sender to receiver. 5G is looking to close the gap between this action and response. If all goes well, we could see a 1-millisecond response time on mobile technology.

Wide Connection: 5G uses Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) antennas that have multiple connections to send and receive data simultaneously. The benefit of this to users is that more people can connect to the network at a time and maintain high throughput.

Is India Ready For 5G?

Is India Ready For 5G?

India’s smartphone market is undergoing a tremendous transition, which is likely to grow. With a high-speed Internet connection on 3G and 4G networks, the promise of more fun and the continuing world around will be close to the corner. Countries that want to remain competitive in the global economy are adopting 5G technology. Because technology affects nearly all aspects of life, countries need to stay updated with technological evolution to improve the lives of their citizens and continue evolving in the global economy. bitdefender total security 2016 activation code

The United States, Turkey, Japan, China, Sweden, and Estonia are the countries who had already introduced this 5G technology. However, it is still in a developing phase. If we see India, it is also ready for 5G service. The Indian government has already announced that networks will be 5G enabled by 2020. And by 2024, we will have a full range of 5G services. However, it has a lot of challenges to overcome.

Challenges with 5G:

Bringing a 5G network in India is the ultimate challenge itself for India. Countries like China and the USA are likely to become the first to provide the services of the internet on 5G speed. These countries have already started the testing process of 5G when we were feeling glad about the introduction of the 4G network. So we can takeout an idea that how much time it will take to launch 5G network service in India. In some cities, the speed of 4G LTE is slow and working on this speed doesn’t make people enthusiastic. It means some parts of India is still not able to use 4G technology properly. The reason could be anything, maybe the more usage of internet among the users or the networks are not properly established.


5G technology promises to be revolutionary. Bandwidth for this is very high and has a high data transfer rate. However, now we are using the 3G and 4G services but in the future, we can use 5G technology. With the help of the fifth generation of technology, people can download a huge amount of data within a second.

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