Advantage Uniinfo

Comprehensive Services

We are providing end to end comprehensive services in area of information and telecommunication technologies. Our experienced engineers & managers work hand-in-hand with customers to manage project milestones and ensure delivery as per schedule and quality.

Experienced workforce

Over the years we have developed strong internal processes to build technically skilled Manpower. Training and performance monitoring is a regular process. We remain updated with client requirements ensuring quality performance on project.

On time Project Delivery

We maintain a laser sharp focus on executing contracts on timely manner. We always take pride in the timely completion of our projects. On time deliveries have enabled us to build trust and strong relationship with our clients.

Proven Track Record

We have worked with majority of the Technology players operating in the registered countries. We have built a strong bond with our clients over a period of time resulting in repeated award of contracts to our Company.

Exceptional Customer Service

It has now become essential to stay connected with the internet 24/7 for the customers. We always seek to provide 24*7 support to the client, any inconvenience faced by the client will be handled by our support team at any time anywhere.

Strengthened Flexibility

Uniinfo always strives to provide as much flexibility as possible to its clients and customers. If you have remote employees in your B2B business or the staff needs to travel frequently, then our telecom manufacturing and services are very effective to stay connected.

Upgraded Collaboration

We have employed cross functional teams to handle new products, marketing campaigns and corporate initiatives. We ensure that projects are progressing as expected and these teams connect with the client regularly to discuss the deliverables status and address any unseen hurdle.

Progressive Communication

We provide necessary platform for the data to be transferred electronically whether through wired means or be it wireless. One can share documents, reports, analytics, emails etc. can be shared with colleagues and even with a client on the other side of country.


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