RF Planning, Transmission Planning and Network Design

Uniinfo provides Network Planning & Design Services to its customers, right from Radio Frequency (RF) & Transmission Engineering to Fixed and Core Network Engineering Design in the wire line and Telecom domain - UMTS, GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, Wimax and Broadband Networks.

The planning and design process assesses alternative options of Network Technologies, Network Migration, and Expansion Considerations and incorporates them into the planning document. Network Planning & Design Services deliver value by designing the most economical network with the highest Quality of Service to support current and future service, technology and capacity requirements.

Service offerings

CW Test and model tuning

Model Tuning, one of the important modules of Radio Network Planning & Design, simulates the propagation of the RF signal on the air in order to obtain accurate radio coverage and interference predictions in the service area. In the Model Tuning activity, RF measurements are performed in the different areas of the planned network. Collected data is used to tune the propagation model parameters in planning and stimulation tools.

Nominal Cell Planning

Using the information specifying the coverage and capacity requirements for voice and data services of the radio network being planned creates the Nominal Cell Plan. Planning tools (viz. Planet EV, ASSET3G etc) help perform Nominal Cell Planning activities using the propagation loss model as generated by model tuning and other relevant marketing inputs.

Radio Network Design & Planning

Detailed design and planning is carried out to deliver parameter planning, frequency planning, traffic planning, neighbor planning and creation of data build. A unique on site – off site model offers economies of scale and fUniinfo ramp up for our valued customers through our virtual planning and optimization centre.

Swap Planning is the mapping of the existing network RF parameter with promoting vendor parameter to achieve an equal or better KPI.

Transmission Network Design & Planning

Planning of backbone and access network – PDH, SDH, DWDM, ATM etc. Link budgeting, interference analysis, creation of connectivity matrix, detailed microwave planning.

  • Improved efficiency and consequent reduction in accident and production time loss
  • Demonstrates Uniinfo commitment to the protection of personnel
  • Demonstrates Legal compliance
  • Improves safety culture
  • Increased controls and reduction of hazards through the system
  • More effective internal and external communication
  • Is an integral part of sustain ability strategy

OHSAS 18001 Certification has increased focus on:

  • Due importance to health
  • Proactive identification and prevention of potential risks
  • Hierarchical determination of controls
  • Consideration of human behavior, capability
  • Introduction of Accountability
  • Incident investigation & Monitoring and measurement
  • Employee participation

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