Installation and Commissioning

Engineering Services can provide the following services in GSM / CDMA cellular sectors:

  • Site survey (BTS / LOS survey/ IBS survey etc.)
  • Installation and commissioning of GSM / CDMA BTS equipment
  • De-installation & de-commissioning of GSM/CDMA BTS equipment
  • Installation of rack/DDF as per floor plan, couple, anchor, grounding, proper cable routing and labelin
  • Installation, Commissioning and alignment of Microwave hops
  • Swapping/upgrading the existing BTS/BSC/MSC with new version
  • Equipments, Supply and assembling of cable (RF, VF, Power and E1 cables etc.)
  • Installation & Commissioning of all electrical equipments like rectifier, DG, ATS, ATR etc.
  • Up gradation/Swapping of BTSs/BSCs/ RF & MW Antennas/ DGs.
  • Carry out all the tests like VSWR, CL, RL, BER and submit results to customer.
  • Installation and commissioning of IBS equipment
  • Acceptance Testing of BTS / MW Equipment

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